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Transform with RAGTAG Coordinating the longed-for clothes at the RAGTAG

Individual items are also yours
Advanced layered style.

That branded clothing that I wanted to wear someday
Coordinate the whole body with that item that I thought "I wonder if it suits me"!
RAGTAG With the full support of the staff
This is a serialization project for students to try at the store.
As a special edition, we will deliver "Kansai edition" from the Umeda store this time as well!

These two people tried this time!

These two people tried this time! Makeover planning RAGTAG Umeda store


Left: Airin Fujii
Ritsumeikan University Policy Science 1st year student

Belongs to the fashion circle of Ritsumeikan University. I mainly buy second-hand clothes, and I prefer unique designs rather than brands. With reference to the styles of my seniors and friends who like fashion around me, "I'm having a fun fashion stray now (laughs)." He has a desire to get a fashion job in the future, but he is thinking about it.

Right: Momoko Nagae
Ritsumeikan University Policy Science 1st year student

I became a fashion lover when I got my fashionable grandmother's clothes down. I mainly like second-hand clothes, especially those from [ATSURO TAYAMA] in the early 2000s. I usually wear a lot of black clothes. Belonging to the fashion circle of Kwansei Gakuin University, he is an activist who started his own handmade accessory brand.

Momoko Nagae and Airi Fujii are first-year students studying at the Faculty of Policy Science at Ritsumeikan University. The exchange started when I felt that I liked clothes and called out to them in the same faculty, and now I am playing with them. The two who appeared at the recommendation of seniors in the fashion circle this time are already advanced fashioners!

RAGTAG Umeda store buyer OTSUKI

The staff in charge of customer service this time

RAGTAG Umeda store buyer

RAGTAG Umeda store buyer OTSUKI

Joined the company in 2017 after working as an apparel brand salesperson. After working at the Kobe store, he was assigned to the Umeda store, and currently has 9 months of experience as a buyer. He likes fashion brands and buys with extensive knowledge.

Tag tag Umeda store from a large amount of clothes

Surrounded by a large amount of clothes, start with a smile!

RAGTAG Umeda store looking for the leading outerwear

Mr. Fujii looking for the leading outerwear. It's a serious look.

Mr. Nagae who wears a wrinkle-processed outerwear lightly

Mr. Nagae wears a wrinkle-processed outerwear lightly.

Jackets and jerseys RAGTAG Umeda

Mr. Fujii Jackets and a jersey! I think carefully with the staff OTSUKI only for advanced items.

Mr. Nagae's rug tag Umeda store that RAGTAG a black Caps

Mr. Nagae looks good with a black Caps

A state of consultation on transformation planning RAGTAG Umeda store

Item selection is also at the end! It is the final check with the staff OTSUKI.

Both of them have completed a high-class layered style centered on high-brand clothing! Mr. Nagae matched the punchy [Prada] Jackets with the [Gucci] Dresses, and Mr. Fujii challenged the men's [Comme des Garcons Homme Plus] Jackets

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus Jackets Styling After Makeover


Mr. Nagae
"I used to wear flashy clothes, but recently I've only been wearing black clothes, so by wearing various clothes this time, I'm trying to wear clothes without being particular about taste. It was an opportunity to think about it. "

RAGTAG Umeda store buyer OTSUKI

"Both of them were so fashionable that I wondered if I could give them advice (laughs). Mr. Nagae has the intuition to find something that suits him, so if he tries more clothes in the future, the world will expand further. I think I'll go! "

Jackets / PRADA ¥ 181,500
Dresses worn inside / GUCCI ¥ 92,800
Skirts / Molly Goddaard ¥ 20,400
Pants / COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS ¥ 46,300
Boots / Miu Miu ¥ 21,200

Mr. Fujii
"I like unique clothes, but when I actually buy them, I tend to be conservative, so I enjoyed wearing various challenging clothes this time. I discovered that these clothes suit me unexpectedly. Also became "

RAGTAG Umeda store buyer OTSUKI

"Mr. Fujii took a while to try on, but it was very early after I had an image of myself. If Mr. Nagae is an" intuitionist ", Mr. Fujii is a" cautious ". The difference in their individuality was also interesting. "

Jackets / COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS ¥ 92,800
Jersey / GUCCI ¥ 57,700
Skirts / UNITED ARROWS ¥ 11,400
Shoes / GUCCI ¥ 32,200

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