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Transform with RAGTAG Coordinating the longed-for clothes at the RAGTAG

Two people's love is jammed
Adult women's outfit with a habit.

Coordinating the whole body with that branded clothing that I wanted to wear someday, and that item that I thought "I wonder if it suits me"! RAGTAG With the full support of the staff, this is a serialization project for students to try at the store. This time, in commemoration of the opening, we will transform at the Kyoto store!

These two people tried this time!

These two people tried this time! Styling before transformation


(Left) Shoko Ishikawa
Kyoto Women's University Faculty of Home Economics Department of Lifestyle Design

Mr. Ishikawa looks good with round glasses in monotone. I usually make full use of the clothes of mothers and grandmothers to coordinate with contemporary fashion. I like elaborately designed clothes and modal clothes. "I want to have my own brand as a fashion designer. The brand I'm interested in these days is [Yohei Ono]."

(Right) Haruka Kagawa
Kyoto Women's University Faculty of Home Economics Department of Lifestyle Design

Mr. Kagawa, who also wears unique patterns, is currently working part-time at a select shop, and usually does not care about the brand or taste, but often chooses intuitively at the Secondhand Clothing Recently, I like street styling. "In the future, my dream is to play an active role in the fashion industry such as store managers and VMD!"

RAGTAG! Kyoto edition" to commemorate the opening of the Kyoto store. Shoko Ishikawa and Haruka Kagawa of Kyoto Women's University appeared. Both of them are studying clothes related to fashion design at university and love fashion. This time we will challenge the brand we admire!

RAGTAG Kyoto store buyer TOYOOKA

The staff in charge of customer service this time

RAGTAG Kyoto store buyer

RAGTAG Kyoto store buyer TOYOOKA

After graduating from Kyoto Institute of Design, joined Tin Pan Array in 2015. Became a buyer from 2017. My favorite brands are [Erin], [Krane], and [Ailene]. "I love clothes that are hard to wear with people, such as patterned and colored items."

Transformation planning Product selection RAGTAG Kyoto store

Mr. Ishikawa started choosing clothes happily with the staff TOYOOKA.

A state of trying on a transformation planning Blouses

Mr. Kagawa tried on a full-pattern Blouses I'm worried about my Shoes

Makeover planning Archaic coat styling

Mr. Ishikawa has completed one outfit by wearing an archaic coat that will be the main character.

Transformation planning Staff chatting with TOYOOKA

Mr. Kagawa who wants to be in the fashion industry in the future. The flowers will bloom in the clothes discussion with the staff TOYOOKA.

RAGTAG blue tops Rug Tag Kyoto store

Mr. Ishikawa changed into a blue top with good coloring. I'm looking for a Jackets to match.

Trench coats styling makeover plan

Trench coats with a floral pattern that makes you feel spring, Mr. Kagawa also completed one outfit.

Final styling check RAGTAG Kyoto store

The styling this time is finally at the end. What kind of transformation did the two really make?

About 15 minutes after the start, the fitting room is full of clothes that you want to wear. After trying on a lot, the final decision was a coordinate full of individuality, filled with the love of the two of them. The two people have contrasting tastes, but the scene where they made suggestions to each other was also impressive.

Airene knit styling after transformation


1st Shoko Ishikawa
"Mr. Toyooka carefully selected from many items such as brands that I can't usually wear and made styling, and I was able to feel the joy of feeling clothes again."

RAGTAG Kyoto store buyer TOYOOKA

Dresses from [Trico Comme des Garcons] that Mr. Ishikawa had been interested in for a long time. The feminine design such as the all-black jacquard with a floral pattern was perfect for Mr. Ishikawa with a soft smile and a gentle atmosphere."

Dresses / tricot COMME des GARCONS ¥ 27,500 (tax included)
Blouses worn inside / CELINE ¥ 41,800 (tax included)
Bag / COMME des GARCONS ¥ 21,800 (tax included)
Shoes / STELLA McCARTNEY ¥ 29,800 (tax included)

The second person, Haruka Kagawa
"I was told that the primary colors and flashy patterns look good, and I wanted to be more fashionable. I was happy to be able to challenge high-end brands that students can't easily wear!"

RAGTAG Kyoto store buyer TOYOOKA

"I also like the [Ailene] knit, and the styling is based on the theme of" an adult woman's style with a habit. "It was very easy to wear advanced styles such as color x color and pattern x pattern. it was cool"

Knit / IRENE ¥ 14,800 (tax included)
Skirts / PLEATS PLEASE ¥ 14,080 (tax included)
Bag / BALENCIAGA ¥ 149,100 (tax included)
Shoes / MM6 ¥ 27,500 (tax included)

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