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Transform with RAGTAG Coordinating the longed-for clothes at the RAGTAG

The latest style that enhances the UK mood.

That branded clothing that I wanted to wear someday
Coordinate the whole body with that item that I thought "I wonder if it suits me"!
RAGTAG With the full support of the staff
This is a serialization project for students to try at the store.

These two people tried this time!

Yusuke Mamiya Takuki Kanamori Styling before transformation


(Left) Yusuke Mamiya
Keio University Faculty of Economics

“I like simple and easy-to-move clothes, and I like to wear functional items and tech items,” says Mamiya, who works as a designer in “Keio Fashion Creator”. He is not particular about a specific brand, and he seems to buy mainly used clothing, so he visited RAGTAG several times.

(Right) Mr. Kouki Kanamori
Keio University Faculty of Economics

Mr. Kanamori, who says, "I often refer to the styling of Korean artist Idon," is in charge of the press for "Keio Fashion Creator." I like both new and used clothing, and recently I like [Heaven by Marc Jacobs]. This was my first visit to RAGTAG, and I said, "I had a lot of things I wanted to wear at a reasonable price, so I want to come back again."

Mr. Yusuke Mamiya and Mr. Takuki Kanamori of Keio University appeared.
Both belong to the student fashion group "Keio Fashion Creator", and are engaged in the management of models and fashion shows and the press activities of the group.

RAGTAG Shimokitazawa store manager ONDA

The staff in charge of customer service this time

RAGTAG Shimokitazawa store manager


Joined the company in 2016. Second year of store manager. "I am good at styling that combines brands with different tastes. I always try to meet customer needs at 120%."

Selecting transformation planning products Mr. Kanamori

Mr. Kanamori who visited the store for the first time. It seems that there are many things to be worried about in front of various products.

How to choose a product Mr. Kanamori

How about this? For the time being, check the compatibility with a mirror.

Mr. Mamiya and Mr. Kanamori trying on the products

Try on products that bother you. I'm excited about the unusual atmosphere!

Transformation plan Mr. Kanamori trying on

Mr. Kanamori says that he refers to Korean artists. You can also wear pop items.

Transforming hair arrangement with RAGTAG

Mr. Mamiya seems to have solidified the main items. It is the final adjustment by looking at the balance of the whole body.

Mamiya-san trying on glasses

I can't help even small items. What kind of transformation was it?

For two unique people of completely different types, we set up a concept that suits each as a fashionable proposal for autumn and choose clothes. With the styling that was particular about the details, the unexpected brand and brand combination were perfectly dressed, and they were transformed into a cool one!

Maison Margiela Denim jackets styling after transformation


"It was refreshing to be able to wear a brand that I had never tried. It was fun to feel like a rock star!"

RAGTAG Shimokitazawa store ONDA

"It's a rock taste that matches the atmosphere of Mr. Mamiya. I wanted to wear not only the brand that images with rock, but also [Comme des Garcons], so the point is to match the Riders jackets of the [Comme des Garcons] collaboration. . "

Blouson jackets / Supreme × COMME des GARCON HOMME PLUS × Schott ¥ 113,300
Inner / Dior Homme ¥ 28,300
Pants / COMME des GARCON HOMME PLUS ¥ 25,300
Sun glasses / BLANC ... ¥ 14,800
Belt / TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The Soloist \ 66,700
Boots / CELINE \ 70,100

Mr. Kanamori
"I'm glad I was able to create a style that I don't usually do while retaining my own personality. It was also a reference for my future coordination!"

RAGTAG Shimokitazawa store ONDA

"The concept is a British high school student. While the knit vest of [Facetasm] is the main character, in addition to the trad and street, a women's brand is also inserted, and the styling is genderless like Mr. Kanamori."

Blouson jackets / Maison Margiela \ 92,800
Best / FACETASM ¥ 18,700
Shirt / DAIRIKU ¥ 34,600
Pants / COMME des GARCON HOMME PLUS ¥ 14,300
Shoes / PRADA ¥ 41,800
Necklaces / AMBUSH ¥ 19,600
Bag / Miu Miu ¥ 41,800
Shoes / BALENCIAGA ¥ 49,700

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