Purchase service for corporations

Purchase service image for corporations

At our company, corporations that handle branded products, etc.
We also purchase from SHOP sales staff, buyers, and peers.
Please feel free to contact us first.


Tin Pan Array Peace of Mind
Speedy purchase

Customer information will never be leaked to the outside.

Personal information and company information of customers who wish to purchase will never be leaked to affiliated companies.
Tin Pan Array strictly manages and manages the information of all customers based on the personal information protection policy.
Your privacy is guaranteed.

We can also handle large purchases.

Since it is sold at 15 stores nationwide, the items and brands of the items sold will not be biased to some stores.

We will give you a quote using the best method.

As for the quotation method, we will make the best proposal after confirming the number of items and the location of the client.
Please feel free to contact us first.

We accept consultations from peers.

Do you have any problems with unsold items, excess inventory, etc. due to store closure?
At Tin Pan Array, we also carry out bulk purchase of inventory.

Inquiry Form

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If you would like a purchase service for corporations, please fill in the following items and send.

Company name required

  • * Alphabets can also be entered in the company name.
  • Example: TIN PAN ALLEY CO.

The name of the person in charge is required

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Email Address required

phone numberMandatory

  • Be sure to enter a phone number that is easy to reach, either a landline or mobile phone.
  • Example: 0321345678 (half-width numbers / hyphens not required)

Total score

  • Please enter the approximate number of items you want to sell.


  • Please enter the brand you want to sell.
  • If there are multiple points, please list a few brands with the highest points.


  • Please enter the name of the item you want to sell.
  • If you have more than one item, please list a few items with the most points.
  • Example) 20AW outerwear, tops, Shoes etc.

Item type

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