User Guide

About shipping / delivery

about shipping cost

shipping fee is free.

Regardless of the number of items ordered and the amount of money, we will deliver it free of charge all over Japan.

About delivery method

RAGTAG Online sends goods by Yamato Transport.
Please note that we cannot accept the designation of the delivery company.
* Packing is for each order, and we cannot support different orders.

For delivery after shipping from our company, please contact us from the following.

■ Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Service Center
Reception hours: 8:00 am to 21:00 pm (open all year round)
Opinions / Inquiries
Kuroneko Yamato's luggage inquiry system
<Delivery to delivery box>
If you wish to receive it in the delivery box, please enter it at the end of the delivery address.
* Please note that if the payment method is cash on delivery, we will not be able to accept it even if you enter it.

About delivery time

We will ship the item in the shortest time as soon as it is ready, but the number of days until shipping varies depending on the store in stock of the item.
Please check the "Inventory Store" column on the product page.

Items in stock at the online shop: Ships in a minimum of 1-2 days.
Other items in stock at the store: We will ship in 3 to 5 days at the shortest.

* If the payment method is bank transfer, it will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
The period from payment to the completion of our confirmation varies depending on the payment financial institution. Please note.

* The above days are a guide. Please note that it may be delayed due to circumstances.

* Delivery may be delayed due to delivery conditions and traffic conditions during the busy season, year-end and New Year holidays, and bad weather of the delivery company. Please note.

* Regarding the specification of the delivery date, it is possible to specify the items in stock in the "online shop" within 10 days from the date of order. Please note that you cannot specify the delivery date for Forward to store other than "online shop".
We Forward to store much less regard to, separately, your Forward to store When the goods arrive to the desired store, and notify you by e-mail.

* If you order products from different stock stores, we will ship them as soon as all the ordered products are ready to be shipped. If you wish to send the items separately, please separate the orders for each item.

Confirmation of delivery status, date and time

We will ship the item based on the number of days described in "Delivery days" and send you a shipping completion email.
Please check the status of the item from the Yamato Transport URL in the email.

About changing the delivery address

If you have not received the shipping completion email, please contact us using the inquiry form.
After receiving the shipping completion email, please check the status of the item from the URL of Yamato Transport in the email and change it.

About receipt at convenience stores and Yamato sales offices

You can select a pick-up location other than your home when purchasing the target product.
Yamato Transport will send you an email when the delivery is completed to the location of your choice.

<Receipt place>

■ Yamato Transport directly managed store
■ The following convenience stores
・ Family Mart
・ Daily Yamazaki
・ Life Aya
・ Three eight
・ Living house
・ New Days
* RAGTAG membership registration is required to use this service.
* Yamato Transport will deliver to the designated convenience store / sales office.
* Date and time cannot be specified.
* Cash on delivery, score @ payment, and bank transfer cannot be selected as payment methods.
* Cannot be used when ordering large items such as orders for 3 or more items. When picking up at a convenience store or other store, luggage with a total length, width, and height of 100 cm or less and a weight of 10 kg or less is eligible. (If the product cannot be used, we may inform you that you will not be able to receive the convenience store after confirming your order.)
* Since payment is made at the time of ordering, it cannot be canceled at the time of receipt.
* The storage period is 3 days including the arrival date. If the storage period has expired, the product will be returned to us and canceled.
* Even if the item is included in the package after ordering, it cannot be included.
* You can check the verification number at the time of receipt in the arrival email from Yamato.
※商品の配達が完了すると、ヤマト運輸<>より、「納品完了メール」が送信されます。メールが受信できない場合は、上記メールアドレスからの受信可能設定をお願いいたします。 それでも受信できない場合は、ヤマト運輸に直接お問い合わせください。

About international shipping

RAGTAG online offers the following services for international shipping.

  • ・ WorldShopping BIZ Checkout
  • ・ Buyee

When accessing from overseas, banners etc. will be displayed on the top page and product page, so please check the service content and use the service that is convenient for you.

* The above services will incur additional shipping and handling charges, so please check before using.