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About payment

About credit card payment

About credit cards that can be used

The withdrawal date is subject to each credit card agreement.
You can use "lump-sum payment", "installment payment", "bonus lump-sum payment", and "revolving payment" as payment types.

■ Credit card with debit function Precautions
When the order amount is changed or the order is canceled, the amount deducted at the time of credit will be refunded, but it may take up to 60 days for the refund. In addition, if the order amount is changed, due to the debit function credit card system, it will be in a double or triple withdrawal state until a temporary refund.

* Please check with your credit card issuer with debit function regarding the time required for refund.

Convenience store deferred payment

  • ・ Postpaid fee: 209 JPY (tax included)
  • ・ Usage limit: 110,000 JPY (tax included)

The invoice will be mailed separately from the item. Please pay at the convenience store within 14 days of issuance

If the "delivery address" and "purchaser's address" are different (when using as a gift or present), they will be mailed to the "purchaser's address" at a later date.

For convenience store deferred payment orders, the "@ (post) payment" service provided by SCORE Co., Ltd. will be applied, personal information will be provided within the scope of the service, and payment receivables will be transferred. Depending on the result of the credit examination, you may be asked to use another payment method, so please agree before applying.

Purpose of provision
For examination for deferred payment, payment collection and credit management
To inform you of information about the service from SCORE Co., Ltd.
Items to provide
Name, phone number, address, E-mail address, purchased products, amount of money, etc.
Means of provision
Conducted with a dedicated system

There is a limit to the amount and number of times you can use the "Score Postpaid Payment Service".
Up to 2 times a day The cumulative balance is up to 110,000 JPY (tax included). For JPY (tax included), please use another payment method.
If you want to use the "Score Postpaid Payment Service", please be sure to check the details on this page and the linked page where you clicked the "Score Postpaid Payment Service" banner.
Before using the service, there will be a prescribed examination for each order. Please note that we will not be able to disclose the examination criteria and the reasons for the examination results.

"Score deferred payment service" cannot be used in the following cases. Please note.

  • ・ When purchasing products of the following brands
  • ・ Change / additional order by inquiry form or telephone
  • ・ Purchase 3 times or more multiple times during the same day
  • ・ Transportation company sales office closure (pick-up at the sales office)
  • ・ Pick-up at the hotel
  • ・ When the address is "hospital", "hotel", "school" and the name is other than the staff
  • ・ Forwarding of goods ・ Delivery to delivery boxes (excluding delivery boxes installed in houses such as condominiums)
  • ・ Delivery at convenience stores

Regarding the issuance of "@ (after) payment" receipt, the transfer receipt will be the official receipt under tax law.

For inquiries regarding "@ (after) payment", please use the banner below.
* Transit to the site of SCORE Co., Ltd.

個人情報の提供に関する問合せ先:株式会社ティンパンアレイ 総務部 tel. 03-5719-4550

About cash on delivery

You can choose to pay by cash / credit card with debit function / various credit cards. Please select at the time of delivery and pay to the Yamato Transport driver.
In the case of cash on delivery, we always have the desired delivery date.
Please be sure to select either "desired delivery date" or "desired delivery time" on the order form.
If you place an order by phone, please let us know your preferred delivery date and time when you place your order.
(Please note that some areas may not be able to meet your request for delivery date and time.)

In addition to the product price (tax included), the customer is responsible JPY The total payment amount is as follows. ※shipping fee is free.
[Total product amount] + [Cash on delivery fee 330 JPY]

Handling card list banner

Please check here for available cards.

* Cash on delivery may not be available in some areas. In that case, we will contact you by email separately.

About Amazon Pay

amazon pay

RAGTAG Online, you can use Amazon's registration information to save the trouble of registering as a member, entering the delivery address, and credit card information, and shopping.

* Even if the order is completed with Amazon Payment, the payment has not been completed, so the order may be canceled depending on the registered card information. In that case, please check with your credit card company or change the payment method and place your order again.

About bank transfer

We will inform you in detail about the transfer destination etc. by the confirmation email sent when you place an order. Please transfer within 4 days after the confirmation email arrives (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). Please note that if payment cannot be confirmed within 4 days, it will be automatically canceled.

The bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
The product will be delivered within a week after confirmation of payment from the customer. (However, the delivery period may vary depending on the delivery situation of the courier company.)
When ordering by phone, we will inform you of the transfer amount when we receive your order, so please transfer to the following account within 4 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
If payment cannot be confirmed within 4 days, it will be automatically canceled. note that.

■ Transfer account information
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shibuya Central Branch
Ordinary account 1147325
Name: TIN PAN ALLEY CO. Internet Division
* Also known as Ka) Tin Pan Array

About receipts

RAGTAG Online also accepts receipts upon request.
If you wish to issue it, please let us know the following contents from the inquiry form. After confirmation, the person in charge will contact you.

  1. (1) Order number
    Please enter the "order number" in the order completion email.
  2. (2) Address
    Please enter your desired address.
  3. (3) Provision
    However, please select from the following three items regarding writing.
    • ・ As an item fee
    • ・ As a costume fee
    • ・ As miscellaneous goods and clothing charges
    * We cannot accept anything other than the above.
  4. The items for which receipts cannot be issued are as follows.
    • ・ Cash on delivery settlement
    • ・ Convenience store deferred payment
    • ·Bank transfer
    * Please keep a copy of the payment as a receipt when making the above payment.
    If you would like a receipt issued by us, please send us a copy of the receipt at the time of payment.
    Upon confirmation, we will issue it and ship it to the address at the time of ordering.