Nice to meet you. This is RAGTAG

2020.12.11 (FRI.) GRAND OPEN @KYOTO

Nice to meet you.
Born in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1985
Used select shop,
This is RAGTAG

As many of you may not know,
Secondhand Clothing specializing in designer brands"
A little unique at that time
Since it was born as a shop
The pure feeling of wanting to be fashionable,
Longing for popular brands,
Each person who enjoys such fashion
I have been supporting the feeling of "I like clothes".

As a select shop dealing in used clothing
It has come to be called a long-established store,
This year, 35 years after the opening of the first store, in Kyoto
Finally, I can set up a shop.

In fact, opening a store in Kyoto was RAGTAG 's dream.

I love really good things for a long time
Inherit from person to person.
The culture of Kyoto is exactly
RAGTAG deals with "used clothes"
"I want good clothes to go from person to person who loves clothes."
"I want to create a wonderful encounter between people and fashion."
That seemed like a model.

We love fashion.
But more than that, I met a person who loves fashion,
Talk and feel the same
To enjoy every day
Above all, it is a joy.

Please, to everyone in Kyoto
Feel free to visit RAGTAG
Stretch a little and long for
Try out the brand,
Clothes that have been cherished
I will buy it,
Like your own closet
I want you to use it more and more.

For a long time with everyone in Kyoto who loves used clothing.
I'm hoping to become such a store,
Greetings from us.


OPEN commemorative privilege


Kyoto "Kyo Azuki"
Dorayaki with RAGTAG

Purchase / Purchase
A gift for the first 300 people to use!


Gachapon Challenge!

The first 600 people to purchase / purchase will receive a great deal of coupons and staff recommended goods!

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In front of Fujii Daimaru,
It is a 4th floor roadside store facing Shijo-dori.

Get off at Hankyu "Kyoto Kawaramachi Station" and walk for about 2 minutes
Get off at "Gion-Shijo Station" on the Keihan Main Line and walk for about 7 minutes