Counterfeit Brand Products Eradication Project Hateful Fake Exhibition 2015 To eradicate fake We at RAGTAG rt have seen many counterfeit products (fake brand products) while purchasing and selling about 600,000 clothes a year. Counterfeit products are inferior products themselves, unforgivable, deceiving consumers and stealing profits. Branded products are created by designers and everyone involved in making their clothes with their own thoughts. From world-class super brands to indie brands, there are large and small scales, but what supports manufacturing is this “feeling”. The counterfeit product is a shortcut to that feeling and reproduces only the surface, so to speak, it is nothing more than a "papier mache". However, the accuracy of counterfeit products becomes more sophisticated year by year, and no matter how good a product is made, it will be made exactly like it and will be distributed at a low price. I'm sure your hands will feel frustrated and unfinished. The "genuine" is filled with the feelings and commitment of the creator. Counterfeit products have only selfishness and malice. We are holding the "Hateful Fake Exhibition" with the desire to spread the excitement that can only be experienced with this "genuine" and to create a world where you can enjoy fashion with peace of mind. This year, which is the 5th time, about 50 fake items displayed in pairs with genuine products will be lined up at the venue. Please take a look at the real thing. All the staff are looking forward to your visit. What is a counterfeit product? A language that generally means a product that has stolen a brand logo or design. Products that infringe patent rights such as technology and functions are also called counterfeit products. Words that have the same meaning as counterfeit products include counterfeit products, fraudulent products, pirated products, parodies, counterfeit products, and counterfeit brand products. Products that infringe copyright and neighboring rights are called "pirated editions". What happens when counterfeit products are distributed? According to the JPO Counterfeit Damage Investigation Report published in March 2014, the total damage to counterfeit products of the 8081 companies surveyed was 100 billion JPY, and the average total damage per company was 190 million JPY. Although it has been on a downward trend compared to the previous year, it has been reported that the damage rate of counterfeiting is 21.8%, and that the damage caused by counterfeiting continues to be serious, especially in Asian regions such as China. As an invisible imitation damage other than the amount of damage, there is "deterioration of brand image". While people involved in manufacturing make efforts to make consumers happy, the technology leaks due to malicious intent on the side of making counterfeit products, and consumers get into trouble by buying counterfeit products. Get involved. As a result, the image of the brand deteriorates. The reality is that such a sad virtuous cycle has occurred. We want to create an environment where designers and creators who are serious about manufacturing can comfortably engage in creative activities, and create a world where they can fully enjoy genuine fashion! To that end, we must thoroughly eliminate counterfeit products that are prevalent in the world. In order to eradicate counterfeit products, we would like more people to know the current situation of counterfeit products. Top 4 areas of damage from counterfeit products Impacts other than the damage amount of counterfeit damage RAGTAG rt's approach? The counterfeit products exhibited at this exhibition are those purchased in the past at RAGTAG However, we are fully prepared to check such items so that they will never be displayed in stores. First, at the time of purchase, buyers in the store will check each item at the time of appraisal to see if it is a counterfeit product. After the negotiation is completed, the purchased item will be sent to the product management center. Here, the person in charge of authenticity judgment also carefully checks all the products one by one. Each person in charge conducts research on counterfeit products every day and makes every effort to discover new counterfeit products. Items that may be counterfeit, or items that cannot be confirmed as genuine, will not be displayed in stores. In addition, for counterfeit products that buyers accidentally purchase, we record the counterfeit product information and manage the data. Buyers in stores will use the data to deepen their knowledge of counterfeit products. RAGTAG rt initiatives Which is the real thing? "Maison Margiela 10" AIDS T-shirt"Christian Louboutin" studded Sneakers"Vivienne Westwood" Teddy Bear Necklaces"MARC BY MARC JACOBS" wallet What I want to deliver is the real excitement. Counterfeit products are no longer limited to luxury brands. There are counterfeit products from one accessory and one T-shirt. Although the Metropolitan Police Department and customs have tightened crackdowns and companies that manufacture and sell products have taken measures, the damage caused by counterfeit products is still occurring all over the world. In the past fake exhibitions, there was a very small number of voices saying, "Because it's cute, it can be fake, so please sell it." This makes me very sad. Not only do you buy counterfeit products without noticing them, but if you buy them with a light feeling while knowing that they are counterfeit products, it will lead to the distribution of new counterfeit products. “Raise awareness of counterfeit products and never touch them.” This feeling is the first step toward eradicating fake products. "Is this site okay?" "Why is this store so cheap?" Of course, things that are extremely cheaper than genuine products and those sold outside of regular stores are not necessarily counterfeit products. One of the ways to prevent damage is to be cautious when purchasing brand-name products, and if you are uncertain, purchase at an authorized dealer or at a reliable store. RAGTAG and rt with the desire to "make it possible for high school students to buy clothes from the brand they admire," but on the other hand, they are one of the fashion lovers, and they are impressed by the fashion. I think the source is the creator's feelings. Counterfeit products hinder this feeling, and by eradicating counterfeit products, creators are motivated to create more and more wonderful clothes, and they are filled with excitement that can only be experienced in genuine fashion. We are aiming for such a world. * Please note ◆ RAGTAG and rt do not provide a service only for authenticity verification. In addition, at the time of purchase, we will reply whether it can be handled according to our standards. ◆ The counterfeit products on display are judged to be counterfeit products based on our own research. There are various types of counterfeit products, and there is no end to new counterfeit products. In addition, the contents described on the tag of the exhibit are only differences from the exhibit, and if they match, we do not guarantee that they are genuine.