RAGTAG 's 6 commitments

Used select shop of designer brand.
Items that customers have cherished
To reach those who also love fashion
We are particular about purchasing.

Commitment 1

Buyers who know the value
That's why you can Purchasing service it at a high price.

RAGTAG is that all buyers who understand the value evaluate one by one. Only those who have passed the in-house examination will be qualified as a purchaser = buyer. In the examination, not only brand knowledge and trend knowledge, but also assessment ability based on market trends and customer service ability that can satisfy customers are checked in a wide variety of ways, and the pass rate is about 5%. Therefore, the average number of years of experience of the buyers is 10 years, which is a professional match. Even after passing the exam, we will repeat research to update our knowledge and reflect it in our daily assessment.

The purchased items will be sold at physical stores and online shops in 15 major cities nationwide. We are also focusing on training store staff, so it is possible to serve customers firmly and deliver them to the next person without damaging the brand value. Therefore, from popular brands to up-and-coming designer brands, it is possible to properly assess the brand value and purchase with the highest evaluation.

Commitment 2

Designer brand
If you want to sell it, go to RAGTAG

We handle a wide range of over 5,000 brands, including trendy casual brands, high-quality luxury brands, and up-and-coming designer brands. Above all, I am confident in purchasing popular brands. RAGTAG wants to achieve is to deliver the joy of wearing really good things to many people. Therefore, we have put particular effort into handling high-quality brands that incorporate the feelings and commitment of the creators.

With a history of more than 30 years since its establishment in 1985, we have 15 stores in major cities nationwide, and more than 2 million people have used them. We have earned the trust of many fashion lovers, so we can maximize the evaluation and purchase of popular items. You can check Purchasing service information for each brand here.

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Commitment 3

I will explain the assessment results until I am satisfied.
Not only selling clothes
Anything about fashion
Please contact us.

The most important thing we value in our purchases is the sense of satisfaction of our customers. The buyer will carefully assess all the items one by one and explain the basis of the assessment firmly. A private room is available for purchase at the store. You can talk slowly without worrying about the glance until you are satisfied. Sometimes I tell customers who are worried about whether to let go, that they shouldn't sell it now.

Don't worry about "cancelling". Buyers themselves love fashion, so we would like to help you as the best assistant to enjoy fashion through purchases. Please feel free to contact us for anything, not just the clothes you bring. You can also nominate a buyer, so please find a buyer you like. Even if you purchase by home delivery, we will inform you not only the assessed amount but also the reason in the comments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Commitment 4

Even if you wear a lot
Please contact us.

RAGTAG, all purchased items are collected once in the warehouse, and after appropriate care * according to the condition is given from there, they are sold. Purchasing service you consult with us after removing dirt that can be easily removed at home, but it is easier to get a lot of clothes, scratches, etc. Even if the dirt is noticeable, you can often buy it. The range of conditions that can be purchased varies depending on the brand, so please feel free to contact us before giving up if this is impossible. Click here for an example of the conditions you can purchase.

*Depending on the condition of products, 
we perform those care in below.

  • Cleaning


    For items that are conspicuously dirty or have an odor, we apply cleaning and stain removal by a specialist within the range that safe to the clothes.

  • Ozone deodorant

    Ozone deodorant

    A deodorizing method that does not restore the odor over time by oxidizing the source of the odor with ozone and directly decomposing it. It is an environmentally friendly and safe substance that does not produce residue after purifying the atmosphere.

  • Ironing


    Those with noticeable wrinkles are ironed.

  • Polished shoes

    Polished shoes

    Business or dress shoes are hand-polished and finished by professional craftsmen one by one.

* For items in good conditionn, 
we do not perform cleaning or maintenance.

Commitment 5

Opposite season items
Without lowering the value
You can buy it.

RAGTAG purchases more than 900,000 items annually. For more than 30 years since our founding, we have a system that carefully manages a huge amount of clothes one by one, so it is possible to store clothes for a long time without degrading the quality. Therefore, you can buy clothes from the opposite season on the same basis as on-season without reducing their value. Fashion is changing rapidly, so the point of improving the assessment is to bring it in as soon as possible instead of letting it rest until the next season. If you keep it at home, it may be damaged without your knowledge. Please contact us as soon as possible for items that are less frequently used.

Commitment 6

What you can't do
To the end in vain
I will not.

Depending on the brand, design, condition, and other criteria, we may not be able to price some of the items you consult with. If you do not need it, we can pick it up as it is. We never dispose of the clothes we collect, and donate them to the world's poorest areas through volunteer groups. In addition, the "R Project", a project to jointly develop and sell remake items with designers and creators who share their feelings, is held irregularly. Other we are also focusing on supporting creators who will lead the future fashion industry, such as providing materials for student creative activities such as Bunka Fashion College.


Cute clothes
Let's go on a trip.

Even though the clothes I was thinking of letting go
Why do you feel lonely?

Feeling heightened when I found the clothes I have now at the store.
After going to the store several times, I finally got a sense of security and accomplishment on my way home.
A fidget that resembles the joy of wearing it outside for the first time.
I think that feeling attachment is a proof that you loved and wore it.

Because the clothes you've always loved.
We at RAGTAG are responsible,
We will keep your clothes for departure from the closet.

Instead of keeping good clothes asleep
It doesn't throw it away, it connects people to each other.
Good clothes will remain forever,
It circulates among loved ones who dress well.
In such a world
Don't you think it's fashionable?

From clothes lovers to loved ones.
The one I received today
For those who value clothes like you
RAGTAG promises the best journey to deliver.