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Transform with RAGTAG Coordinating the longed-for clothes at the RAGTAG

Eternal longing brand
Transform into luxury.

That branded clothing that I wanted to wear someday
Coordinate the whole body with that item that I thought "I wonder if it suits me"!
RAGTAG With the full support of the staff
This is a serialization project for students to try at the store.
(Planning cooperation: Bunka Fashion College)

These two people tried this time!

Makeover Planning Before Celine Skirts Styling


Right: Angel
Bunka Fashion College Fashion Distribution Department 1st grade

Angel from Taiwan came to Japan to study fashion and Japanese after studying Japanese in Taiwan. Although she is a student, she is also active as a fashion model by taking advantage of her looks and style, and her dream for the future is "to balance models and stylists." Brands I often buy are [Zara] and so on.

Left: Aoi Yuki
Bunka Fashion College Fashion Distribution Department 1st grade

After working holidays and selling apparel overseas, he entered Bunka Fashion College "to work for VMD in the future". My favorite brand is Comme des Garcons's [Noir Kei Ninomiya], and the Skirts RAGTAG SHINJUKU [Celine]. I mainly like black clothes, and "the closet is all black."

Actually, the two of them have been running for "I want to go out!" From the first time of this project. Both are big fashion lovers, and each enjoys fashion that makes the most of their height and style. The two of us gathered at the Harajuku store in the morning and started trying on them!

RAGTAG Harajuku store manager TAKANO

The staff in charge of customer service this time

RAGTAG Harajuku store manager

RAGTAG Harajuku store manager TAKANO

Veteran staff who joined the company in 2006. He has been a manager of the Harajuku store since 2015, handling both floors and buyers. The coat I wore on the day of the interview was from [Baumound Felt Garden].

Angel-san RAGTAG Harajuku store choosing clothes happily

Angel who chooses clothes very happily. How will you transform with the proposal of veteran TAKANO?

RAGTAG Harajuku store, where you can wear fashionable items one after another

Mr. Yuki who wears fashionable items one after another.


TAKANO is also proposing something to Mr. Yuki. Do you choose monotone items?

Angel's fur coat styling

Here, I would like to introduce a nice coordination that I didn't choose in the end. Angel chooses a fur coat for a Dresses

Yuki-san mode black item styling

Mr. Yuki dressed up in a fashionable black item. Both of you really look good on anything!

Transformation plan Try-on scenery

Two people who tried on so many items. The love for fashion was transmitted!

Two people who tried the most clothes in the history of this series. The staff and interviewers were also surprised to see how they changed into items with advanced designs that they wouldn't normally be able to wear, and made each one look their own. The final choice they made was "a different color and design"!

Transformation plan Styling of different colors and designs


"I really enjoyed wearing these clothes because I can't usually wear them even if I have a longing for them. I had a lot of things I liked along the way, but I tried to create an image that was different from my usual self."

RAGTAG Harajuku store manager TAKANO

"Mr. Yuki has his own favorite style, and he said that his clothes are all black, so I dared to propose a different design and color. The facial features are very gorgeous, so dress up. Thank you. "

Knit / COMME des GARÇONS ¥ 46,037 T-shirt / COMME des GARÇONS COMME des GARÇONS ¥ 5,200 Skirts / COMME des GARÇONS ¥ 39,600 Shoes / SUECOMMA BONNIE ¥ 9,200 Bag / SOPHIE HULME ¥ 14,800

"It was fun because I was able to try a lot of clothes that I wouldn't normally wear. Mr. TAKANO suggested various clothes, but all of them suit me, so which one should I choose? I was at a loss (laughs) "

RAGTAG Harajuku store manager TAKANO

"Since the face and style are like a collection model, I thought it would be good to make use of it, but I seemed to like luxury and street atmosphere, so I dared to propose it."

Knit / BALENCIAGA ¥ 50,900 Pants / BALENCIAGA ¥ 53,100 Shoes / BALENCIAGA Caps / AMBUSH ¥ 12,527 Bag / BALENCIAGA ¥ 81,500

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