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Transform with RAGTAG Coordinating the longed-for clothes at the RAGTAG

Attack with Japanese brands,
Discover your new self.

That branded clothing that I wanted to wear someday
Coordinate the whole body with that item that I thought "I wonder if it suits me"!
RAGTAG With the full support of the staff
This is a serialization project for students to try at the store.

These two people tried this time!

Hirotatsu Kitagawa, Junpei Shibuya Styling before transformation


(Left) Mr. Koshin Kitagawa
Bunka Fashion College Fashion Distribution Department Retail Planning Course 2nd year

Mr. Kitagawa says that he likes "cheap brands in Los Angeles" and Ura-Harajuku street brands, and "I am particular about wearing them after knowing the history and culture of the clothes." "In the future, even as digitalization progresses, I would like to create a community where I can connect with customers while running my own brand and cafe together at a physical store."

(Right) Junpei Shibuya
Bunka Fashion College Fashion Distribution Department Retail Planning Course 2nd year

Mr. Shibuya, who looks good with unique metal frame glasses, often wears old [Undercover], [Eighties], and [Fingalin], and coordinates with an emphasis on the size and color unity that suits him. It seems that he is particular about forming a pair. "My dream is to create a community place through fashion in my hometown."

Mr. Hirotatsu Kitagawa and Mr. Junpei Shibuya of Bunka Fashion College appeared. I am studying fashion Business suits in the same class at Bunka Fashion College. He also visited RAGTAG, and at one point he enjoyed shopping together in the Harajuku area almost every week. This time we will challenge the brand we admire!

RAGTAG Harajuku store buyer WATANABE

The staff in charge of customer service this time

RAGTAG Harajuku store buyer

RAGTAG Harajuku store buyer WATANABE

7 years of experience as a buyer. Recently, I like the blue shirt of [Graph Paper] that I fell in love with at first sight on SNS. "I would like you to enjoy the transformation by taking advantage of the experience of various styles."

Transform planning products are being selected RAGTAG Harajuku store

First from Mr. Shibuya. I will choose while listening to Mr. Kitagawa's opinion.

Trying on knit Jackets RAGTAG Harajuku store

Jackets I was interested in with the help of staff Watanabe.

Shibuya-san trying on

The atmosphere matches the hairstyle very well.

Transformation plan Mr. Kitagawa product selection

Next, Mr. Kitagawa seems to be interested in this, which is characterized by paint.

Mr. Kitagawa trying on a Blouson jackets RAGTAG Harajuku store

I had you try it on very happily. I'm addicted to the silhouette!

Selecting products in the store RAGTAG Harajuku store

Two people who are still worried about clothes. What kind of styling will you eventually transform into ...!

Three people checked all over the store while getting hot about fashion. After the items to be the axis were decided, both of them proceeded smoothly, and the coordination was decided as soon as this project started! While focusing on the brand I admire, he transformed into a unified style.

Yohji Yamamoto Riders jackets Styling after transformation


Mr. Kitagawa
"When I tried [Yohji Yamamoto], who I thought was too early for me, I found myself new (laughs). I realized the fun of clothes again."

RAGTAG Harajuku store buyer WATANABE

"When I asked him to try a [Yohji] shirt with a big silhouette and an impressive print, I was addicted to it, so I chose Riders jackets by taking advantage of Mr. Kitagawa's personality. did"

Riders jackets Jackets / yohji yamamoto POURHOMME ¥ 181,500
Shirt worn inside / B Yohji Yamamoto ¥ 74,800
Pants / yohji yamamoto POUR HOMME ¥ 40,700
Shoes / Y-3 ¥ 19,400

"I enjoyed being able to try out items that I like but are hard to reach for brands and daily wear, and I was able to create a different outfit than usual."

RAGTAG Harajuku store buyer WATANABE

"Favorite Blouson jackets in the center, and the denim of a clean impression Suits in accordance with the wind, the number of colors in this was. Worked unique items are also blue and white of the gimmick that sets while also aware usual Shibuya's taste By squeezing, you can create a deep and mature style. "

Blouson jackets / NAPA by Martine Rose ¥ 65,700
Denim jackets worn inside / GANRYU ¥ 19,800
Bag / BALENCIAGA ¥ 108,700
Shoes / Maison Margiela ¥ 42,900

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