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About membership registration

About membership registration

If you register as a member, you can use the point service, as well as use member-only services such as favorite condition registration to notify you of the arrival of the desired product and favorite function that allows you to register the product or brand you are interested in. receive!
You can also easily place an order or Purchasing service

  • * Membership registration is free, and no admission fee or annual membership fee is required.
  • * You can also apply for Purchasing service without registering as a member.

Please register here for membership registration.

[Membership registration method]
1) Click the "Login" button at the top right of the site.
Sign in" at the bottom of "First-time Customers" on the login screen.
3) Please check the terms of use, check "I accept the terms of use", and click "To email address input screen".
4) Enter the email address you want to use as your login ID and click "Send".
5) The URL for main registration will be sent to the email address you entered.
* Depending on the setting to reject emails with URLs, emails may not arrive. Click here for details
6) Click the URL in the email to proceed to the registration screen.
7) After entering the required items, check that the items are correct on the confirmation screen, and click the "Register" button if you like.
8) [Notice of completion of membership registration] Registration is complete when you receive an email.

About change of member registration information

After logging in, you can change the following information from [Confirm / Change Registration Information] on My Page.

■ Change your name, date of birth, address, and contact information
1) After logging in, click [Change / Confirm Registration Information].
2) After entering the changes, check the details and click "Register" to complete the changes.
■ Change your email address
1) After logging in, click [Change Login Email Address].
2) Enter the email address you want to change and send a confirmation email.
3) We will send a change confirmation URL to the entered email address.
4) Click the URL in the email.
5) Check the changed e-mail address and enter the password to change it.
■ Change password
1) After logging in, click [Change Password].
2) Enter your current password and new password.
3) After entering the new password, click "Change Password" to complete the change.
■ Change of payment method
1) After logging in, click [Payment method].
2) By registering your credit card information, you will be able to place an order easily.
* Up to one credit card can be registered.
3) You can change your usual payment method.

About login password

If you have forgotten your password and cannot log in, you can change it using [Forgot your password] on the login screen.

[Login / password]
1) Enter the registered "email address / name (katakana)", enter the characters displayed in the image in half-width characters, and click Send.
2) [Notice of password reset method] An email will be sent to you. Click the URL provided.
3) Enter your name (katakana) and new password and click "Change Password" to complete the password change.

* From the viewpoint of personal information protection, we cannot confirm the password. Please note that we cannot answer any inquiries.

About withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw from the membership, you will need to confirm your identity, so please use the "Inquiry Form".

  • * Please note that your order history, purchase history, points, etc. will all be deleted after you withdraw from the membership.
  • * If you have any items you are currently ordering, please cancel the membership after receiving the items.